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Dog Walking

Whether you find yourself short on time, or issues when out walking, you can rely on Platinum Pet Care!

Cat Sitting

Platinum Pet Care brings you a full-service cat sitting offering.

Pet Sitting

Who will be watching your house and your dog or cat while you are away?

Cat Behavior Training

Whether your cat is suffering from social issues, or steadfastly refuses to use the litterbox, you can rely on Ann.

Service + Pricing

Dog Walking

Short on time? Ann will exercise your dog so that you come home to a happy and tired pup.
For many of us, dog ownership means going for frequent walks. While this can be an enjoyable experience for you and your pet, many dog owners are either short on time or find their dog needs more regular exercise than you can provide. Worry not—you can rely on Platinum Pet Care, LLC to bring you the dog walking service that both you and your dog need. We are one of the few dog walking companies in the Denver Metro area that specializes in private walks for your dog (or dogs, if you have multiple pets). Rest assured, your dog(s) will get that one-on-one, special attention that they need.
* We also provide puppy visits. If you have a pup, please inquire about our puppy care program.

$19 /30-minute walk

$24 /45-minute walk

*Additional Dog $2

Cat Sitting

Platinum Pet Care, LLC brings you full-service cat sitting throughout the Denver Metro area. If you’re spending time away from your home and need a respected, experienced individual to provide your kitties with the care and companionship they require, Ann and her staff have the loving and patient demeanor that will put your cherished cats at ease while you’re away. Rest assured, your feline companion is in great paws with us.

  • We will proved Lots of playing time, love, and cuddles
  • Food and water
  • Medications to cooperative cats
  • Clean out litter boxes
  • Additional services if requested.
  • Complementary services:
  • Bring in newspapers
  • Turn on and off lights in different rooms
  • Water indoor plants.

$22 / 30- minutes

*Additional Cat $2

$18 / 20- minutes

*Additional Cat $2

Pet Sitting In Your Home

Who will be watching your house and beloved pets while you are away? Ann is licensed and fully insured, with great references. Ann and her team at Platinum Pet Care, LLC will provide pet care in your home for your dog or cat. Your furry friend will be in their own comfortable environment and their regular routine won’t change one bit—which most pets love! For the well-being of your pets as well as your own peace of mind and security, Ann and her team will gladly visit your pet (or pets!) in your home. Pets are much happier when they’re home and surrounded by a gentle pet sitter.

*Includes picking up mail / taking trash in or out / watering plants both inside and outside

$25 / 30 minutes

*Additional dog $2

$35 / 45 minutes

*Additional dog $2

Cat Behavior Training

Through many years of working closely with cats and kitties of all types, Ann knows how to identify and solve cat issues. Whether your cat is suffering from social issues, or steadfastly refuses to use the litterbox, you can rely on Ann to train your cat to eliminate messes and ease your stress.

Through expert behavior work with cats, Ann finds the root cause of the behavioral issues that plague many cat owners. These behavioral issues include biting, peeing or spraying in the house, and challenging relationships between multiple cats. You can rely on Ann’s approach and masterful skill to properly address and correct the issue you are experiencing. Platinum Pet Care, LLC provides cat behavior training for felines and their owners.

Litter Box Issues / Urinating or Spraying Issues / Socialization / Separation Anxiety / Introducing Another Cat to the family / and More

$70 /45-minute session

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Professional and loving pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting and cat behavior training in Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, and some parts of Centennial

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