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Dog Walking

Whether you find yourself short on time, or issues when out walking, you can rely on Platinum Pet Care!

Cat Sitting

Platinum Pet Care brings you a full-service cat sitting offering.

Overnight Sitting

Who will be watching your house and your dog or cat while you are away?

Dog Training

If your dog is suffering from issues revolving around socialization, chewing, barking, leash control or other situations, you can rely on Platinum Pet Care.

Cat Behavior Training

Whether your cat is suffering from social issues, or steadfastly refuses to use the litterbox, you can rely on Ann.

House Sitting

Going away and you need that “lived in” look?  Ann can help!

Service + Pricing

Dog Walking

It seems that a lot of dog ownership is going for walks, and this can be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog. But whether you find yourself short on time or your dog needs more regular exercise than you can provide, you can rely on Platinum Pet Care, LLC to bring you the dog walking service that you and your dog need. We are one of the few dog walking companies in the area that specializes in private walks for your dog (or dogs, if you have multiple pets), so your dog(s) will get that one-on-one, special attention.

* We also provide puppy visits. If you have a pup, please inquire about our puppy care program.

$15 /15-minute walk

$19 /30-minute walk

$24 /45-minute walk

*Additional Dog $2

Cat Sitting

Platinum Pet Care, LLC brings you full-service, loving cat sitting for your feline companion. If you’re spending time away from your greater Denver area home and need a helpful individual to provide your kitties with the companionship and care they require, Ann and her staff have the loving and patient demeanor that will put your cats at ease while you’re away.

$19 / 30- minutes

*Additional Cat $2

Overnight Sitting In Your Home

When you are going out of town, you may ask yourself, “Who can I trust to watch my home and pets while I am away and do I really need an overnight pet sitter for my dog or cat?”
When we provide overnight care in your home for your dog or cat, they will be in their own comfortable environment and their routine will stay the same (which most pets love!). For the well-being of your pets and your peace of mind and security, we will gladly stay overnight with your pets in your home. What we’ve found is that pets are much happier when they’re home.​

*Includes picking up mail / taking trash in or out / watering plants both inside and outside

$65 /7pm-7am

*Additional dog/cat $2

$19 /add a 30- minute mid day walk

Dog Training

Ann has been an Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer since 2007, and she has had the opportunity to work with many dogs and their owners across the greater Denver area. Whether your dog is suffering from issues revolving around a lack of socialization, chewing, excessive barking, challenging leash control or another behavior issue, you can be sure that Platinum Pet Care, LLC has the experience and expertise in dog training bring back the well-mannered, fun-loving and affectionate nature of your dog. Working with Platinum Pet Care, LLC will help you create a solid and lasting relationship with your canine friend.

Basic Obedience / House Training / Leash Pulling / Separation Anxiety / and More

$75 /45-minute session

Cat Behavior Training

Through many years of working closely with cats of all types, Ann knows how to identify and solve cat issues. Through her behavior work with cats, she finds the root cause of the issues that may plague cat owners: including biting, peeing or spraying in the house, challenging relationships between multiple cats. You can rely on Ann’s approach and masterful skill to properly address and correct the issue you are experiencing. We provide cat behavior training for felines and their humans in some parts in Arapahoe County.

Litter Box Issues / Urinating or Spraying Issues / Socialization / Separation Anxiety / Introducing Another Cat to the family / and More

$70 /45-minute session

House Sitting (without Pets)

Are you going away and you need that “lived in” look? Ann and her staff can help by taking in the mail, watering indoor and outdoor plants, and taking out the garbage.

$19 /30-minutes

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Professional pet sitting, dog walking, dog training and cat behavior in Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, Centennial and some parts of Arapahoe County.

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