Privacy Policy

The relationships formed between Ann, your pets and yourself is one that is based on trust, and ensuring that every measure it taken to retain that trust level is highly important. Ann believes that the first step in building a trusting and healthy relationship is transparency, and that is implemented along all aspects of the customer service side of Platinum Pet Care. From the website you are currently on, to your Denver area home, you can rest assured that we take every precaution when it comes to protecting your personal information.
When browsing the website for Platinum Pet Care, you can be sure that there are no background programs collecting information, no IP address or email address lists, no phone number generation for ad purposes, or any other measure that subverts information out of you for reasons other than to provide you with high quality behavior modification services. When speaking with Ann on the phone, or having her within your home bringing training to your pet, you can also rest assured that any personal information obtained will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Platinum Pet Care is dedicated to bringing you a service that you can rely on, and a behavior therapy service that produces results, and to do so a foundational relationship between all parties is important, and Ann takes every step to ensure that you continually feel comfortable, and safe, and that your personal information will always be held in the highest regard, and treated with respect.

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