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Ann Draznin


Welcome! My name is Ann Draznin and I am the owner of Platinum Pet Care, LLC.

A Colorado native, I have always loved my home here, but eventually I decided I needed a furry companion…or two. Jill, one of the dogs I adopted, not only dealt with separation anxiety, but also had difficulties mastering house training. Using patience, gentle training, and positive reinforcement, I taught Jill to become a well-behaved dog. After this experience, I was inspired to become a certified dog trainer. I obtained my degree from Animal Behavior College and graduated in May 2007.

In addition to my two dogs, I adopted a cat who was very shy. I worked with him to become a social, happy, and well-adjusted cat. I shared my gift with my local animal shelter and volunteered there for over a year. Utilizing skilled training techniques, I created behavioral change within many cats, providing a positive impact in the shelter and helping many cats to find forever homes.

My pet training skills are applicable to a number of pet behavioral issues, and I always use positive reinforcement with both cats and dogs. In addition, I help my clients develop the best possible relationships with their pets.
Some years ago, I had a bad experience with a pet sitter that I’d hired to watch my animals. I realized that finding quality care for my pets was no easy feat, and there were probably many others in the Denver Metro area who were experiencing that as well. Not only did I have a desire to fill this need, but I also had a genuine affection towards pets and pet training expertise. For these reasons, I decided to become a pet sitter—and a good one, at that.
Something I often hear from my clients is how much they appreciate that I go above and beyond when caring for their animals. I pride myself on this. I text my clients when I arrive and leave each visit and send pictures of their pets to them. When I notice something’s not quite right with the animal or the house, I notify the owner immediately. I love animals and I’m grateful every day that my livelihood involves caring for them!

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